The Global TV Event

Don Mann, Seal Team 6 Special Operations veteran and New York Times best selling author, hosts a totally unique type of military challenge.
Joined by MMA legend & feature film star Randy Couture, Don and Randy take both military vets and civilians alike through never-before-seen challenges.
Which contestant will win the season-long competition? Will the champion beat Don Mann?
Two Seasons | 10 Episodes per Season | Available Worldwide

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why are people so excited about surviving mann?

Terrifying Obstacles

Hundred foot drops, desert runs, underground warfare in a giant labyrinth, pitch black pathways, never before seen mental trials, and more!

Elite Challenges

Don Mann has created some of the worlds toughest challeges for special operations military, private security, and tens of thousands of extreme-race enthusiasts.

Meet The Cast

Incredible Characters & Stories

Surviving Mann has a cast like no other. Made up of current and former military, law enforcement, private security, athletes and everyday people, the contestants you'll meet beat out hundreds of other applicants, proving already that they have what it takes to go big.

Your hosts


Don mann

Seal Team 6 Special Operations veteran, extreme adventure racer and New York Times
Best Selling author.


Randy couture

Former U.S. Army sergent, legendary mixed martial arts champion, and feature film star.

The competitors

Amy Mitchell
ICU Trauma Nurse

Amy Mitchell grew up in West Texas where she was a standout athlete and a gifted academic. Amy left home early, becoming a pediatric trauma ICU nurse. Amy is a proud mom of 4; she is of Mexican and Indian descent and has never met a gun she doesn't like.

Joe Johnson
Professional Adventurer

Starting in the early 70’s Joe became interested in extreme sports. Rock Climbing, Rugby, Long Distance Paddling and Trail Running, Triathlon, etc. In 1998 Joe attended Odyssey Adventure Racing Academy which was owned by Don Mann and set for a week of training and concluded with entry into a 2-day Adventure Race called the Endorphin Fix. Over the last 25 Years, Joe has completed Adventure Races, ran countless Ultras, rode Centuries and signed up for Triathlons. Through his journeys, Joe raced against some of the greatest endurance athletes in the country. At the time of filming Season 2 of Surviving

David Nguyen
Father, Marine & Outdoor Enthusiast

Moving to the US on his own at 17 this IT professional finds himself outdoors every day pushing himself to do the things that most 61 years olds never dream of. Running miles every day only to sometimes bike for another 20 before feeding the dogs or kids, this Marine Sharpshooter finds himself loving life on his farm in Rye Colorado, at the gun range teaching 4H youth program or on the slopes the last day of ski season.

Richard Kuan
Real Estate Broker & Chief Firearms Instructor at Azone Defense

Richard began his career in real estate as a mortgage broker more than 35 years ago and throughout the years has owned several real estate franchises and quickly became the top mortgage loan originator in the nation during the early 2000s. In 2018 Richard became semi-retired and started shooting competitively in USPSA and IDPA 3-gun shooting matches then in 2019 decided to become a firearms instructor for pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Richard is credentialed by NRA, USCCA, CRPA, and CA-DOJ.

Dave Mead
Self Reliance Teacher/Craftsman

Dave hails from Science Hill, Kentucky. He and his wife met in New York City where they were both living and working and they quickly decided that their face-paced, stressful life wasn’t the path they wanted to continue on. They left it all behind and moved to a very remote, backwoods setting in south-central Kentucky. Dave was heavily inspired to live a more self-reliant, more meaningful, simple life. Dave became a Firefighter/EMT in order to become a better version of himself and be able to protect his family and community. Dave decided to pursue one of his life-long passions, archery

Danny Zacharias
Lighting Designer & Martial Artist

A Tennessee lighting designer with a flair for the extreme, Danny's not just known for making famous people look good on stage. With urban escape and evasion expertise, TCCC certification, and as a self-defense instructor for conflict zone-bound missionaries, he's a force to be reckoned with. Danny rounds out his skills with top-tier firearms training and a strong martial arts background. A devoted husband and father of three girls, he's motivated to stay fit, prepared, and eager to show Surviving Mann what a well-trained civilian can achieve.

Brickell Clark
Firearms Instructor

An amazing young woman who gained prominence by documenting her firearms training from day 1 on her hit Youtube channel American Gun Chic. She trains extensively with elite level tactical instructors and currently works as a lead instructor in Houston, TX at American HoneyBadger USA. The American HoneyBadger program is by far the most complete women's self defense focused training program in America. She can be found at or on her popular Instagram and YouTube Channel American Gun Chic.

John Prelip
Special Agent In Charge, Ret.

John married his beautiful wife Angela 25 years ago at the start of his career in law enforcement, and is thankful they beat the odds and are still happily married with two daughters.  He is an avid hiker and backpacker, summiting Mt. Whitney eight times and backpacking the 220 mile John Muir Trail twice. In his spare time, John is a consultant for LEO Technologies, delivering solutions to LEOs around the country.  Being a late addition to Surviving Mann, it seems John is still available 24/7!

Isaac Dubois
The Bearded Gunner

Isaac Dubois AKA The Bearded Gunner is more than your average blue collar working man.  Hailing from Eagle Mountain Utah his passion for firearms, and training is contagious.  When mental fortitude matters, he doesn't back down. He has the mindset, the training and the beard to win this competition.

Ray Helms
Reserve Sherriff's Deputy

This law enforcement veteran has been involved with competitive shooting for almost 35 years.  He's well rounded as a shooter in all disciplines and has served on the department full time as a Patrol officer and SWAT team member.

Nick Rhine
Custom Account Executive

This Army veteran served 6 years and was a member of the 1st Ranger Battalion. Now he's a CrossFit athlete and custom account executive that's ready to put his years of experience to the test to take on the Mann.

John Hayes
Strength & Baseball Coach

This US Army Airborne veteran can teach. He has trained our troops and foreign militaries while serving and has continued teaching and coaching outside of uniform. A strength coach and baseball coach, he's ready to step up to plate and earn a grand slam in the competition.

Lisa is a bit of a mystery... 5 hostile area deployments; Fort Meade Rifle & Pistol Club;  MMA, BJJ & Krav Maga;  high caliber hacker... Is the competition ready to see what this skilled mystery woman can do?

Kody Wilson
CrossFit Coach

Quick on the draw and passionate about fitness, Kody starting shooting at age 15 and has become a big gun enthusiast. He promotes strength, stamina and health in others as a CrossFit L1 instructor and is a Tactical Games competitor. Will his previous competition experience prepare him to go up against his fellow contestants and the Mann?

Daniel Robison
USMC Veteran

An all around athlete, this USMC veteran can be found on the football field, basketball court or running cross country track. Daniel served two tours of duty in Iraq and is bringing his experience on and off the field to the contest to see if he can score the ultimate goal, a shot at the Mann.

Shawn Yacoubian
Professional Muay Thai Fighter

This professional Muay Thai fighter knows how to end a fight. With extensive experience in hand-to-hand competitions, he's got the reflexes to take the challenges head on. He's ready to sweep the competition and go one-on-one with the Mann.

Russell Morgan
Food Scientist and Gunsmith

Food scientist by day, gunsmith by night; Russell looks forward to being able to test his skills to see how they stack up to the rest. In it for the fun of the competition and to prove that he is prepared to perform and protect in dangerous situations.

Jan Helligso
Veteran & Survivalist

A husband and father of 7, this Bible college graduate joined the Navy and didn't stop there. Jan went on to become a pilot, aircraft mechanic, diver, licensed contractor and USCCA certified firearms instructor. From the wilderness to the sea, he knows what it takes to survive.

David Vezie
Installer: Stove Depot, Grand Junction

A Front Sight presidential member, David is ready to put himself to the test for a chance to exceed his current limitations both physically and mentally. He's determined to push past the competition for a chance to take on the Mann.

Regina Roberts
Competitive Shooter & Firearms Instructor

With over 50 years of competitive shooting, this veteran firearms instructor knows her way around a competition. Knowing it's more than just being quick on the draw, Regina prides herself on accuracy and awareness. She's here to show the competition that experience can bring home the win.

Daniel “Doc” Woodruff
Gunsmith & Gun YouTube Personality

Known as the "Gun Doctor", this former Police Officer, former professional MMA fighter and Swift Water Rescue Swimmer knows his stuff. These days this Kentucky State concealed firearms instructor spends his time as a gunsmith and YouTube personality. He's waiting to see how Mann can handle his tactical knowledge and the Tactical Beard!

Landon Church
Hand-to-Hand Fighter

When it comes to hand-to-hand fighting, Landon has the speed, stamina and strength to compete. Skilled in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jui Jitsu, he has competed in the MMA. He's ready to knockout the competition and be the last person standing.

Michael Slye
Marine Corps Veteran & Journeyman Lineman

This 55 year old Marine Corps veteran from California is ready to take on the young bucks. With 28 years experience as a Jouneyman Lineman, Michael has reached heights and traveled into some depths to keep the lights on for America. He's not a competitive shooter, but a shooter who is competitive and ready to show the competition what he's made of.

This Navy brat is an experienced firefighter and EMT working as part of the tactical medic team and as a member of the rope rescue team & an instructor for Kansas, when he's not keeping his community safe, he's actively training at the range or the gym. This firefighter is ready to take the heat to the competition.

Ric Shaw
Open Water Diving Instructor & Helicopter Pilot

A bit older than the rest and proud of it, this helicopter pilot and open water dive instructor has spend the last decade training in defensive handgun scenarios at Front Sight. He's ready to dive in and leave the competition in his wake to get to the Mann himself.

Nathan Ingrao
Day Trader, Fitness Model & Competitive Shooter

This husband and father of 4 from Phoenix, AZ fiduciary and retail day trader is all about the numbers. As an NRA certified instructor and Front Sight distinguished graduate, he's ranked Master in pistol caliber carbines for competitive shooting. He's ready to take on the challenge for a chance to face the Mann himself.

Brandon Tumminaro
Air Force Veteran

An Air Force veteran, this 40 year old Texan knows his firearms. Brandon started shooting & hunting at age 5 and shooting became his main hobby after leaving the service in 2007 competing with pistols, shotguns, carbines and precision rifles. He's fully loaded and ready to show the world he's got what it takes to take on Mann.

David Hoaks
Marine Corps Veteran & Former K9 Officer

This Marine Corps veteran loves to serve others. After leaving the military his need to serve led him to become a member of the sheriff's department where he acted as a K9 and D.A.R.E. officer, hoping to make an impact on the kids in his community. He's ready to see how he stacks up against the other branches and experience the comradery of competition.

Erik Novikoff
Sr. Software Engineer & Recreational Pilot

Never one to back down from a challenge, Erik is ready to let his drive and talent speak for themselves as he adapts and overcomes any obstacle and challenge in his path. At the end of it all, he wants to answer the question: Will the Mann survive him?

John DaCosta
Data Analyst & Homesteader

Living a self-sufficient life as a homesteader, this data analyst and licensed minister knows how to see and respond to patterns and situations.  He's ready to analyze his own skills as he plows through the competition to put the Mann out to pasture.

Liberte Austin
Paralegal, Writer & Firearms Instructor

This Texas born paralegal and writer knows how to survive in the wilderness being able to fish, hunt and shoot with the best of them. Liberte works with the Legal Defense for Self Defense and is co-founder of Defend The Badge. She's ready to receive a verdict of victory over the competition.

Chris Way
Professional Shooter & Adventure Race Competitor

This 46 year old , father of 4, is a professional shooter and adventure race competitor who lives for competition. He's ready to take his firearms knowledge and competitive spirit to the competition for a chance to be the last person standing.

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