Dave Mead

Self Reliance Teacher/Craftsman

Dave hails from Science Hill, Kentucky. He and his wife met in New York City where they were both living and working and they quickly decided that their face-paced, stressful life wasn’t the path they wanted to continue on. They left it all behind and moved to a very remote, backwoods setting in south-central Kentucky. Dave was heavily inspired to live a more self-reliant, more meaningful, simple life. Dave became a Firefighter/EMT in order to become a better version of himself and be able to protect his family and community. Dave decided to pursue one of his life-long passions, archery and bow making. And his business Mead Longbows was born. Dave has been a martial artist his entire life and believes archery has a natural, true mind, body, spirit connection.
In conjunction with archery, Dave has been practicing primitive survival skills since he was a child and is a master at hunting and tracking. Dave can be found on YouTube at Dave Mead Does (self reliance survival channel) and Mead Longbows (archery channel).

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