John DaCosta

Data Analyst & Homesteader

Living a self-sufficient life as a homesteader, this data analyst and licensed minister knows how to see and respond to patterns and situations.  He’s ready to analyze his own skills as he plows through the competition to put the Mann out to pasture.

Season Finale Week!

Season Finale - Sat 11 Sept 8pm

It’s MISSION TIME! The 32 have been preparing for their mission for the last 9 episodes. And now all of that preparation will be put to the test in the rescue and recovery mission.

The season finale of Surviving Mann is coming on Saturday, September 11th!

To celebrate we’re having a Surviving Mann MEGA Marathon all week long!

Tune in to relive and catch up and on all your favorite episodes starting Wednesday at midnight.

The MEGA Marathon will continue all week long until 8pm Eastern on Saturday, September 11th when the Surviving Mann Season Finale premieres.